​Commercial Laundry & Linen Cleaning Services for Airbnb, Vrbo, and Restaurants near Hollister & Branson

Ye Old Wash House offers commercial laundry service near Branson. No matter what kind of business you have, we can wash, dry and fold your laundry and linens, with FREE pickup and delivery!

Our commercial services will take care of your business’ linen needs. Whether you manage a small hotel, motel, Airbnb, or a bed and breakfast, we can wash and fold your sheets and towels! Own a restaurant or catering business? We will wash your tablecloths, napkins, and even your cleaning towels and mop heads.

At Ye Old Wash House we have installed the Ozone laundry system. This is a gas that goes into the cold water not only making your whites whiter and your colors brighter but leaves your clothes and linens hospital-grade sanitized. It kills all bacteria and viruses that might be on your laundry or left in the washing machine from any previous customer. The Ozone sanitization system allows us to service medical facilities such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentists, medical centers and chiropractors.

We can launder gym clothes and high school football uniforms, towels for spas and massage parlors, and even the sheets for preschool nap cots. Our commercial laundry cleaning services can launder your dirty laundry for just about any business. Even towels and robes for your hair salon, barber shop, or pet grooming!

Commercial accounts are quoted based on the amount of laundry you are doing and how often you need us. Please contact us at or call us at (417) 336-1191.

Our business is laundry. Let us do your laundry so you can run your business!