Ye Old Wash House Laundry Van

​Wash & Fold Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service near Hollister & Branson

Ye Old Wash House offers FREE laundry pickup and delivery service near Hollister & Branson, MO!

For only $1.50 per pound (in-store) with a $30 minimum order, you can enjoy the convenience of our Wash and Fold pickup and delivery service. Our laundry pickup is available on Monday thru Sunday from 7 am to 6 pm (delivery times vary by zip code check our website or give us a call @ 417-336-1191)

Pick-Up &
Delivery Service
Per Pound*

* With Recurring Service  **$30 Minimum Order

Whether you drop your laundry off with us, or have us pick it up, Ye Old Wash House uses commercial washing machines with Tide, Gain or Free & Clear to clean your laundry. With our pickup and delivery services, you also get the added benefit of having your laundry washed with our Ozone water system. Ozone is a gas that is added to cold water. It makes the clothes whiter, brighter and more importantly, it sanitizes the clothes and the washing machine of any bacteria and viruses. Leaving your laundry hospital-grade sanitized.

Our laundry delivery & pickup service is very reasonable. Nowhere else can you have an attendant wash your laundry with Ozone machines and products for the same value. Simply click here to schedule a pickup time. Leave your laundry on your doorstep and Ye Old Wash House laundry delivery service will return your freshly cleaned and folded laundry back on your doorstep. It's easy and the prompts will guide you through the process.