65673 Laundromat

Laundromat Service for customers near 65673, MO

For those living in ZIP 65673, finding a laundromat that ticks all the boxes for convenience, cleanliness, and affordability might seem challenging. At Ye Old Wash House, we understand these needs and have tailored our services to exceed your expectations. Here’s why we are worth the drive:

Pristine Clean Facilities

We take great pride in our exceptionally clean premises. Our commitment to cleanliness means you can always expect a hygienic space to wash and dry your laundry comfortably.

Budget-Friendly Washing

Enjoy low-cost washing options starting at just $2 and take advantage of our free drying services. We strive to make laundry services accessible without compromising on quality.

Automatic Entry and Exit

Our automatic doors ensure that coming and going, especially with full hands, is smooth and trouble-free. This convenience is especially appreciated by those with large families or lots of laundry.

State-of-the-Art O-Zone Water Treatment

Our advanced O-Zone water treatment technology offers an extra layer of cleanliness by effectively eliminating harmful microbes from your clothing. It’s perfect for those who prioritize health and hygiene in their laundry routine.

Hear from Your Neighbors in 65673

"Driving to Ye Old Wash House is a no-brainer for me. The cleanliness and free drying are just unbeatable in the area." - Jenna K.

"I appreciate the easy access and how quick my laundry days have become thanks to the automatic doors and efficient machines." - Roberto F.

Visit Ye Old Wash House Today!

Ye Old Wash House is more than just a laundromat. It's a solution designed for residents from the 65673 area and beyond, ensuring you get the best out of your laundry day. We're dedicated to providing a service that simplifies your routine and enhances your laundry experience.

Stop by today to see why we are the preferred choice for your laundry needs, or contact us at wash@yeoldwashhouse.com for more information. Let us make your laundry experience smooth, efficient, and enjoyable!